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In order to better organize numerous files I would like to have categorial file system. It is inspired by wikipedia category tree. The following features would be useful:

  1. each file can be situated in different directories-"categories";
  2. Directories as usual in FS are organized as a tree;
  3. if I want to move or delete a file I need do this only for 1 file (and all inclusions to directories are updated automatically);
  4. directories can be renamed, moved and copied as one unit, with all its content - similar to wikipedia categories.

It is quite similar to tag-organisation (see p.1), but p.2 is the difference.
Hard links don't satisfy p.3, for soft links (including external database of links) an actual structure of file storage is ambiguous or I can't imagine an appropriate way.
Some approximation is the AIMP3 Audio Library, but it has some obvious limitations.

This FS would be useful in many areas: science articles (which can be categorised by some keywords - physics/mathematics, numerical/analytical, english/russian and so on), fiction documents/books (which can be classified into intersecting genres, by author, by year and so on), musical collection (quite the same), movies, fotos, soft distributives and others.

Is there any solution already exists that fits all requirements?
P.S. I'm not insisting on any particular operating system (if there is a solution, I'll consider migrating).

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I'd just create a directory structure for this, and some kind of "database" to be able to search it. I think what you want to achieve resembles the Apache Jackrabbit, which is a content management library, the implementation of the JCR (Java Content Repository). I'd also give mongoDB's gridfs a look. By the way, how would you use your proposed file system for storing applications and their data files? –  ppeterka Mar 12 '13 at 12:48
I suppose this file system primarily for collections needs. So by applications I mean a distributive store. So one AIMP can be in several directories like "Catalogizer", "Player", "Music" –  Infovarius May 24 '13 at 12:27

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