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Internet explorer covers up facebook dialogs with flash content, the common solution to hide any flash content when the user clicks to open a dialog.

The flash is hiding but it will not reappear, here is my code:

function postToWall(postName,postCaption,postDescription,postPicture,postLink) {
        method: 'feed',
        name: postName,
        caption: postCaption,           
        access_token: '<?php echo $accessToken ?>',
        description: postDescription,
        picture: postPicture,
        link: postLink,
        display: 'iframe'

    function (response) {
        var swf = swfobject.getObjectById("flashContent");

    return false;

function hideFlash(){
    var flashContent = document.getElementById("flashContent");
    flashContent.style.visibility = "hidden";

function showFlash(){
    var flashContent = document.getElementById("flashContent");
    flashContent.style.visibility = "visible";
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I solved the issue by doing a browser check and then using display: 'popup' for any version of IE.

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