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There are many question related to this but all have same answer of using inner join, which is (I think) not possible here. (say me if I am wrong)

What I am doing now is calling two different mysql query to get result. It works perfectly.

$db->query("SELECT * FROM `meta` WHERE `metakey` = 'category_order'");
$order = $db->fetch_assoc()['metavalue'];  
/*$order = 2,1,12,11,10*/

$db->query("SELECT * FROM `categories` WHERE `parent` = '0' ORDER BY field(ID, $order)");           
$cats = $db->fetch();

Now to reduce number of queries I tried something like,

$db->query("SELECT * FROM `categories` WHERE `parent` = '0' ORDER BY field(ID, (SELECT 'metavalue' FROM `meta` WHERE `metakey` = 'category_order'))");

It doesn't show any error, but it gives me wrong output. Is there any way to do this?


categories table's structure,

| ID  | name    |
| 1   | A       |
| 2   | B       |
| 11  | C       |
| 12  | D       |
| 10  | E       |

meta table's structure,

| ID | metakey        | metavalue    |
| 1  | category_order | 2,1,12,11,10 |
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I can't really see a way to do it directly using ORDER BY FIELD.

However I wonder if you could do a JOIN against the meta table and then ORDER BY a FIND_IN_SET.

Not tested this, but hopefully will give you the idea:-

FROM `categories` 
INNER JOIN meta ON metakey = 'category_order' AND FIND_IN_SET(categories.ID,metavalue)
WHERE `parent` = '0' 
ORDER BY FIND_IN_SET(categories.ID,metavalue)

Possibly the FIND_IN_SET on the JOIN isn't necessary

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Awesome !!! It's the pixel perfect answer, working like charm. Thanks @Kickstart. –  user1995997 Mar 13 '13 at 3:42

try using GROUP_CONCAT and don;t wrap column metavalue with single quote as it converts it to string literal.

$db->query("SELECT * FROM `categories` WHERE `parent` = '0' ORDER BY field(ID, (SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(`metavalue`) FROM `meta WHERE `metakey` = 'category_order'))");
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It doesn't show any error but gives wrong output. Output should be in order "2,1,12,11,10", but it gives "1,10,11,12,2" –  user1995997 Mar 12 '13 at 13:20

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