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I am using achartengine for my android application. How can I limit the x axis and y axis? I don't want the negative part of x axis and y axis to show up. Thanks in advance

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U can disable the axis to move from place by using following method:

renderer.setPanEnabled(enabledX(boolean), enabledY(boolean));

If you want the axis should not go in negative values the you can use following method:

Here this method take array of double value with size =4;

renderer.setPanLimits(new double[]{{xMin, xMax, yMin,yMax});

Remember that you have to provide all 4 values compulsory else the pan will be disabled. To get rid of max limit problem for both axis, I set Double.MAX_VALUE value as follows:

  renderer.setPanLimits(new double[]{0.0,Double.MAX_VALUE,0.0,Double.MAX_VALUE});
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I used following in my code .Hope this helps you.


And you can also make zoom and touch off by following snippet :

 renderer.setPanEnabled(false, false);
 renderer.setZoomEnabled(false, false);
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What is your value for xmin xmax ymin ymax? I try 0.0 as it should be a double. But the negative part still exist. –  adhi Mar 12 '13 at 13:46

if you want to hide negative(or positive) data you should use Limits. use Limits like this:



double[] panLimits = {Xmin,Xmax, Ymin , Ymax};


with this code i hide negative values and lock chart pan on positive.

i hope this will be useful.

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