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I'm trying to do integration testing on travis-ci. I want to be able to run an inclusion filter on travis. in a gist, I want to be able to run fast tests locally while travis-ci tests the fast tests and slow tests including internet dependent tests. I have tried using --tag ~slow_tests under .travis.yml but it gives me an error. here is my .yml file.

language: ruby             
  - 1.9.3                  

  - DB=sqlite              

  - RAILS_ENV=test bundle exec rake --trace db:migrate spec --tag ~slow_tests                                                                                                                             

  - redis-server

invalid option: --tag 129 130The command "RAILS_ENV=test bundle exec rake --trace db:migrate spec --tag ~slow_tests" exited with 1.

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The problem you have is that the --tag option is being interpreted by rake which has no such option. So you need a way to pass the command line options through to RSpec. You can do that with the SPEC_OPTS environment variable:

  - RAILS_ENV=test bundle exec rake --trace db:migrate spec SPEC_OPTS="--tag ~slow_tests"
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great! worked. thanks a lot! –  TakaGoto Mar 12 '13 at 14:46

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