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Is it possible to create an extension method to return a single property or field in a list of objects?

Currently I have a lot of functions like the following.

public static List<int> GetSpeeds(this List<ObjectMotion> motions) {
    List<int> speeds = new List<int>();
    foreach (ObjectMotion motion in motions) {
    return speeds;

This is "hard coded" and only serves a single property in a single object type. Its tedious and I'm sure there's a way using LINQ / Reflection to create an extension method that can do this in a generic and reusable way. Something like this:

public static List<TProp> GetProperties<T, TProp>(this List<T> objects, Property prop){
    List<TProp> props = new List<TProp>();
    foreach (ObjectMotion obj in objects) {
    return props;

Apart from the easiest method using LINQ, I'm also looking for the fastest method. Is it possible to use code generation (and Lambda expression trees) to create such a method at runtime? I'm sure that would be faster than using Reflection.

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You function could be written as "motions.Select( motion => motion.Speed)". That's not exactly generic, but for a start it's a lot shorter than writing and calling a method each time. –  nvoigt Mar 12 '13 at 13:58
Only calling my method may be faster. (LINQ is usually slower than non-generic code) –  Geotarget Mar 12 '13 at 13:58

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You could do:

public static List<TProp> GetProperties<T, TProp>(this IEnumerable<T> seq, Func<T, TProp> selector)
    return seq.Select(selector).ToList();

and use it like:

List<int> speeds = motions.GetProperties(m => m.Speed);

it's questionable whether this method is better than just using Select and ToList directly though.

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It is, no reflection needed:

List<int> values = motions.Select(m=>m.Speed).ToList();
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How do I create an extension method to do this? I don't want to write this snippet everytime. And how do I use code generation to create the fastest method? –  Geotarget Mar 12 '13 at 13:57
public static List<O> GetValues<T,O>(this List<T> target, Func<T,O> selector){ return target.Select(selectoror);} –  Sten Petrov Mar 12 '13 at 14:22
but no need to make a function, Select is a function already –  Sten Petrov Mar 12 '13 at 14:23

A for loop would be the fastest I think, followed closely by linq (minimal overhead if you don't do use closures). I can't image any other mechanism would be any better than that.

You could replace the List<int> with a int[] or initialize the list with a certain capacity. That would probably do more to speed up your code than anything else (though still not much).

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