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My String/Query looks like this

  1. insert into Employee Values(1,2,'xxx');
  2. update Employee2 set col1='xxx' where col2='yyy';
  3. select * from Employee3;

I need to take/have TableName alone. Table name won't be constant it will be differed(Employee,Employee2,Employee3) according to DB. I'm new to C# please help me. Thanks in advance.

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It is not clear exactly what you want to accomplish, please add more details along with some code example with what you've tried so far. –  fmendez Mar 12 '13 at 14:25
@Merlin I have added a new answer –  Teifi Mar 13 '13 at 11:26

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To get the name of a table from a query (or in this case, a string named 'sql'), try the following:

        string sql = "select * from table ";
        int index1 = 0;
        int index2 = 0;
        int currentIndex = 0;
        int numSpaces = 0;
        char[] chArray = sql.ToCharArray();
        foreach (char c in chArray)
            if (c == ' ')
                if (numSpaces == 3)
                    index1 = currentIndex;
                if (numSpaces == 4)
                    index2 = currentIndex;
        int length = index2 - index1;
        string tableName = sql.Substring(index1, length);

Warning - this solution is based on finding the word between the 3rd and 4th space character. This limits you to have a very predictable query structure - more complicated queries may not work with this solution. Your query structure needs to be:

"select column_name1,column_name2,column_name3 from table "

Your query must not have spaces between columns and must have a space at the end aswell. Sorry for the limitations but its the best I can come up with ;)

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