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Issues about OAuth:

Tumblr put a big pin in my eyes, when I trying to deploy OAuth.

Ok, now I do this. (I think, that I do, not sure).

Questions about Tumblr:

  1. Am I right, that after ACCESS_TOKEN POST-ed, Tumblr send back only token and token_secret ?
  2. If I "Deny" application, tumblr use url: =">http://example.com/callback#= ?
  3. If I "Allow" application, tumblr use your example url with parameters "oauth_token" and "oauth_verifier" ?
  4. If I "Allow" application, tumblr want to redirect to callback url?
  5. If I "Deny" or "Allow" application twice ( I prevent tumblr to redirect to callback_url), tumblr start to load: http://www.tumblr.com/dashboard ?
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Ok, I find answers for my questions.

  1. YES, this is true. Access_token POST-ed and server send it back to me
  2. YES, If I "Deny" application, tumblr use url: CALLBACK_URL with oauth_token and oauth_verifier with zero-values (NULL values)
  3. YES, If I "Allow" application, tumblr sent me back oauth_token and oauth_verifier (You must use them to get Access_token)
  4. If I "Allow" application, tumblr REDIRECT to CALLBACK_URL (so, catch it).
  5. If I "Deny" or "Allow" application twice, tumblr start to load: http://www.tumblr.com/dashboard.


If I need to RELOGIN user, I need to logout from tumblr with this URL:


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