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I am new to Meteor/MongoDB and I'm trying to use something like this to describe a user and his stuff in a meteor project:

{ _id: whatever,
  name: "John Doe",
  myToys: [ {toy_id: "truck",
             quantity: 2},
            {toy_id: "legoset",
             quantity: 4} ]

I have another collection that has all those toy_ids and their properties (manufacturer, popularity, etc. and other properties that might change later, which is why I have this in a separate collection).

How would I best code it in meteor and template it to loop through the array of toy subdocuments for a particular user and still display the associated properties of each toy?


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We can Identify the logged in user with Meteor.userId, so if you stored that id to identify each person's toys in your toys collection so that the user can know which toys are his when using Toys.find({})

You could do this for your template helper. = function() {
    return Toys.findOne({user:Meteor.userId});

Next you can loop through this in your template using handlebars

<template name="home">
    Name: {{name}}
    {{#each toys.myToys}}
       Toy Id: {{toy_id}}
       Toy Quantity: {{quantity}}
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