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How can I convert an int value (ie: 1800) which represents minutes into a value that looks like this: dd:hh:mm (days:hours:minutes).

So 1800 should be converted into 1:06:00 (1 day 6 hours 0 minutes).

In a stored procedure I have this:

    Record_ID, Project_ID, Ticket_ID, WO_Type, DC, Title, Device_Quantity, 
    Total/1440 as Total,  
    ((Total - Elapsed) - DATEDIFF(mi, Record_Time, getdate())) as FinalTimeLeft, 
FROM Record

How would I implement the casting into the SP? Above FinalTimeLeft=1800

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How about this example - it does hours, minutes and seconds but it should be easy to modify for days, hours and minutes:

  CAST(mins / 3600 AS VARCHAR) + ':' + 
  RIGHT('0' + CAST((mins % 3600) / 60  AS VARCHAR), 2) + ':' +
  RIGHT('0' + CAST(mins % 60 AS VARCHAR), 2)
  (SELECT 1800 AS mins) a

EDIT: Included your store proc with my code amended for day, hour and minute:

  ,CAST(FinalTimeLeft / 1440 AS VARCHAR) + ':' +
     RIGHT('0' + CAST((FinalTimeLeft / 60) % 24 AS VARCHAR), 2) + ':' +
     RIGHT('0' + CAST(FinalTimeLeft % 60 AS VARCHAR), 2) AS duration
  ,Total/1440 as Total
  ,((Total-Elapsed)-DATEDIFF(mi,Record_Time,getdate())) as FinalTimeLeft
FROM record) a
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It's fine except that it should be 1440 instead of 3600 on the secod line :) Thanks – sd_dracula Mar 12 '13 at 15:26
I have updated the original question with details on the stored procedure. How do I implement your code into that? – sd_dracula Mar 12 '13 at 15:30
Works but it doesn't know what FinalTimeLeft is as that is not a column in the table. So if I substitute that for ((Total-Elapsed)-DATEDIFF(mi,Record_Time,getdate())) it resolves ok but it doesn't look nice – sd_dracula Mar 12 '13 at 16:22
Sorry thoght FinalTimeLeft was column name - edited to use as a sub query. – Dave Sexton Mar 12 '13 at 19:26

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