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I am having some trouble getting my rank to work properly. I'd appreciate it if someone could weigh in and give me an example of how they'd do this so I can figure out what I'm doing wrong.

I'm trying to order and then rank three crossjoined dimensions. The first column contains a name, the second contains a date, the third contains a time. Data would look like this:

Dim A, Dim B, Dim C, Rank

Bob, 1/1/10, 8:00, 1
Bob, 1/1/10, 8:30, 2
Bob, 1/2/10, 8:00, 3
Rob, 1/1/10, 8:00, 1
Rob, 1/1/10, 8:15, 2
Rob, 1/5/10, 8:30, 3

I can get ranking to work in adventureworks on a single dimension w/ a measure, but I'm struggling to understand how to get this ranking to work when my rank as based off of multiple hierarchy attributes.

Can anyone please help me understand how you'd accomplish this in MDX?

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What is the defninition of the 'Rank' column? E.g., I'm seeing two different tuples with the same Rank : 1. –  Marc Polizzi Mar 13 '13 at 7:06
Sorry about being unclear, the rank column is my expected result. So for each Dim A value (person), order by Dim B (date) and then Dim C (time). Once in order, rank results by Dim A (person). –  user2112120 Mar 13 '13 at 13:25

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