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I am trying to find where php is loading its ini file when I use it from the command line on Windows Vista. But when I run

php -info

Although it gives my the phpinfo() output, there is so much output that even scrolling up I can only see the last third or so.

Is there a way of paging the output?

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You also could try php -info | more, unsure if it still works in Vista, though.

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Grep/search through the php -info output like this:

C:\> php -info | find /i php.ini

Of course, the CLI may not be using a file called php.ini, but it's likely to be called something.ini, so you might grep a little looser:

C:\> php -info | find /i .ini

(OTOH: if you're using cygwin, you'd use grep: php -info | grep .ini)

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You can dump the output to a file and look at it at your leisure...

php -info > myinfo.txt
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This is great and probably more useful - although I'm afraid I gave the accepted answer ot SiViG because it answered the exact question I asked. Thanks though. –  voidstate Oct 8 '09 at 10:06

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