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I've googled for quite a while but couldn't come up with a working solution for my problem.

When going to my website the user sees a login screen. My ZFCUser forwards the user to my Application/index action. From there I want a "junction" which redirects regular users to one action and backend/admin users to another.

In ZF1 it seems that there were this Redirector helper...?

Does anybody know a way to achieve what I want to do? Or maybe tell me a more Zend-y way of doing this? :)


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You can use the redirect controller plugin in your action like this:

return $this->redirect()->toRoute('user-page');

user-page is the key of a defined route


return $this->getController()->redirect()->toUrl("http://www.mysite.com");
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thanks man, you saved my evening :) –  Ron Mar 12 '13 at 16:30

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