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Mailchimp has no functionality for attaching files, however, I am trying to hack it by setting the multipart headers in plain text mode and then pasting the contents of the file beneath (with the proper headers set). Unfortunately, I can't quite get this to work.

I'm trying to send calendar invites.

It sets a plaintext header above my calendar header.

Here's an example of how the email comes through (personal details removed). Gmail isn't picking up the calendar invite- can anyone see why?

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Just utilize the MailChimp API. Here's the docs: – adamdehaven Apr 3 '13 at 15:08

Correct, Mailchimp won't let you send e-mails. Please see more about the reasons here:

As Mailchimp doesn't want you to send Attachments, I would not recommend to hack around this. I also imagine Mailchimp added some protection for this, in example stripping out parts of the message before sending it.

You should link up your content as described the blog post.

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MailChimp DOES allow you to enter a link to the file (and host the file on MailChimp). That may accomplish what you want. See this KB article

I am looking into sending a google calendar invite right now too .. I will post back once I am successful.

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I can make a link to an INDIVIDUAL campaign. The issue is with inserting the "folder archive" snipped I show above. That is the MailChimp way to reference all the campaigns in a folder (hosted by MailChimp). I just cannot find a way to get this javascript executed on a Google Site webpage. (If you put the same information into a page on your own computer you can see the expected results.) – ErstwhileIII Sep 26 '13 at 23:11

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