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I have a production only error regarding the Reverse resolution of URL. My template code is the following:

{% for result in result_list %}
<div class="result">

{% if grh_out %}
<form action= "{% url 'result_show' forloop.counter0 %}" method="post">
{% endif %}

{% endfor %}

Everything works without errors on the Django development server. However, when migrated to a production server, the line "{% url 'result_show' forloop.counter0 %}" generates a TypeError. I have turned on the debug on the production server to try to trace the error, and found that it occurs in ...django/core/ in _reverse_with_prefix:

candidate = (prefix_norm + result) % dict(zip(prefix_args + params, unicode_args))

The local variables are the following:

val             0
pattern         'result_show/(\\d+)'
self            <RegexURLResolver 'expofit_web.urls' (None:None) ^/>
args            (0,)
_prefix         u'/~amartino/'
possibility     [(u'result_show/%(_0)s', [u'_0'])]
unicode_args    [u'0']
possibilities   [([(u'result_show/%(_0)s', [u'_0'])], 'result_show/(\\d+)', {})]
lookup_view     u'result_show'
prefix_norm     u'/%7Eamartino/'
prefix_args     []
params          [u'_0']
result          u'result_show/%(_0)s'
defaults            {}
kwargs          {} 

What is different in the production environment that could affect this?

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the value of this forloop.counter0 is 0 which is not allow. Why you put that counter? –  catherine Mar 12 '13 at 16:35
@catherine Asked the question on the IRC channel. It seems that it's a bug. They said the problem is i u'/%7Eamartino/'. The ~ is being interpreted as %7. I'm still searching for an answer. –  Alan Mar 13 '13 at 21:09

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It was a bug in Django 1.5. The patch is applyed to the main branch on github.

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