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I am creating an object with a createDummyObjectModel method, then flow goes to a loadPage method where I populate dummyObject and add it to the model so that it's accessible to the showDummyObject method (which is a get call from the page).

The issue occurs after I populate dummyObject in the loadPage method, the flow again goes back to createDummyObjectModel and it wipes out the data.

What's the best way to resolve this issue? I know @ModelAttribute methods are always called first.

    @SessionAttributes( value = {"abcModel"} )
    public class myController

    @RequestMapping( value = "/loadHomePage.html", method = RequestMethod.GET )
    public String loadPage( @ModelAttribute( "abcModel" ) DummyObject dummyObject,
           ModelMap model ) 
           dummyObject = webService.getMyDummyObject("paramters");

           model.addAttribute( "abcModel", dummyObject );

        return "homepage";

    @RequestMapping( value = "/getDummyObjectString.html" )
    public void showDummObject( @ModelAttribute( "abcModel" ) DummyObject dummyObject,
             ModelMap model,
            Writer out ) throws IOException

        String dummyString = dummyObject.toString();
        out.write( dummyString );


    @ModelAttribute( "abcModel" )
    public DummyObject createDummyObjectModel()
        DummyObject dm = new DummyObject();

        return dm;

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Which model is better suits your needs that is populated. –  Roman C Mar 12 '13 at 16:43
didnt get your comment. –  user2161881 Mar 12 '13 at 16:48
Please explain " the flow again goes back to createDummyObjectModel". When do you notice, that the dummyObject is empty when it should not be? –  zeroflagL Mar 12 '13 at 18:44

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The @ModelAttribute method should be called by Spring when invoking a method having a @ModelAttribute parameter set to null. Does your call to the webservice dummyObject = webService.getMyDummyObject("paramters"); returns you something? I guess Spring calls your createDummyObjectModel() again cause your dummyObject is null.

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