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I'm populating a file from a resultSet like so :


          String[] entries = new String[3];
          entries[0] = rs.getString(1);
          entries[1] = ",";
          entries[2] = rs.getString(2);

          println("entries : "+entries);


When I open the excel file the values contain double quotes around them. So test1,test2,test3 when read from the database and written to a .csv file becomes "test1","test2","test3"

How can I write the text to file but not include the quotes ?

When I print the entries to the console the double quotes are not printed so I don't know where they are being added ?

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You can use the Constructor as mentioned by @Matten and along with that, use the other writeAll() of CSVWriter.

OpenCSV also provides support to dump data from SQL table directly to CSV. For this we need ResultSet object. Following API can be used to write data to CSV from ResultSet.

java.sql.ResultSet myResultSet = getResultSetFromSomewhere();
writer.writeAll(myResultSet, includeHeaders);

The writeAll(ResultSet, boolean) method is utilized for this. The first argument is the ResultSet which you want to write to CSV file. And the second argument is boolean which represents whether you want to write header columns (table column names) to the file or not.

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Just to extend on Matten's answer, use the built-in characters in the CSVWriter to specify the quotechar. So your writer would look like the following:

CSVWriter writer = new CSVWriter(new FileWriter(fileName), CSVWriter.DEFAULT_SEPARATOR, CSVWriter.NO_QUOTE_CHARACTER);
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But if you use NO_QUOTE_CHARACTER does it still quote when needed? If I understand CSV correctly, the quotes are only needed when linebreaks, comma's etc are present in the string. However, OpenCSV always adds quotes, making it not compliant and unusable. Does this solve that? – Peterdk Apr 24 '14 at 17:49
This method should work if it is the end of the line: public CSVWriter(Writer writer,char separator,char quotechar,String lineEnd). You can find more information (here)[…. I was just highlighting that you can use the (constant field values)[… – obsessiveCookie Apr 24 '14 at 18:32
Thank you a lot! – John Smith May 29 '15 at 18:44
excellent, Thank you a lot – michaeln peterson yesterday

TL;DR You cannot do it with OpenCSV v2.3. But you can with Commons CSV.

OpenCSV (v2.3) does not seem to provide a safe way of turning off quotes when they are not required. Quotes usually are not required for values that do no have the separator character or line end character in them.

Using NO_QUOTE_CHARACTER as some have suggested:

CSVWriter writer = new CSVWriter(new FileWriter("data.csv"), CSVWriter.DEFAULT_SEPARATOR, CSVWriter.NO_QUOTE_CHARACTER);
String[] someData = new String[] {"Black and white", "Red, yellow and blue"};

produces the incorrect CSV representation as:

Black and white,Red, yellow and blue

A more valid representation of this data, which uses quotes only when required would be:

Black and white,"Red, yellow and blue"

I have not used Commons CSV, but it appears to provide this ability via QuoteMode.MINIMAL which does the following:

Quotes fields which contain special characters such as a delimiter, quote character or any of the characters in line separator.

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Yes. There is a CSVWriter in the same package that follows the same semantics as the CSVReader. For example, to write a tab separated file:

CSVWriter writer = new CSVWriter(new FileWriter("yourfile.csv"), '\t');
// feed in your array (or convert your data to an array)
String[] entries = "first#second#third".split("#");

If you'd prefer to use your own quote characters, you may use the three arg version of the constructor, which takes a quote character (or feel free to pass in CSVWriter.NO_QUOTE_CHARACTER).

You can also customise the line terminators used in the generated file (which is handy when you're exporting from your Linux web application to Windows clients). There is a constructor argument for this purpose.

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The constructor code of the writer allows you to give an escape character (quotechar):

CSVWriter(Writer writer, char separator, char quotechar)

If this is the wrong one, there is another constructor with escape character :-)

CSVWriter(Writer writer, char separator, char quotechar, char escapechar)
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see this link on how to use NO_QUOTE_CHARACTER constructor and proper encoding when writing out to a file:

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