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I can't seem to figure out(I'm pretty sure that I'm over thinking or not thinking here) a way to get the length of an array in the following example. Can anyone please help me, or direct me to a good tutorial. has mentioned the {@size} helper but does not have any examples.

<ul total-tems={#items.length/}>
    <li class="item-{$idx}">{.title}</li>

Thank you in advance.

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Yep, I was clearly overlooking. I was not including ( require('dustjs-helpers'); ) in order to use

<ul total-tems="{@size key=items /}">

Hope this will help others out as well.

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It certainly did :) – Rajshekhar Apr 18 '14 at 9:53

I don't know if is it a new feature of dustjs but now you can simply use {items.length} to access the array length with no need of helpers.

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