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i am having some troubles dealing with arrays and bitwise operators...

Thats the problem: I have an array typed as CheckBox, in this array i have 3 checkbox, one for each option i have (pvrtc, dtc1, dtx15), and then i have the option: only one checkbox true, or all true. Now i want to use bitwise operators for my states.

thats what i get untill now:

// thats my class with the possible states like consts
public class CompressionCombinations {

public static const selectedPvrtc:uint = 1<<0;

public static const selectedEtc1:uint = 1<<1;

public static const selectedDxt15:uint = 1<<2;

public static const selectedPvrtcEtc1Dxt15:uint = selectedPvrtc && selectedEtc1 && 
// thats mean: selectedPvrtc = checkbox1 true, checkbox2 false, checkbox3 false.

//now my main class

//attributing my checkboxes into array

_combinationArray = new Array();
_combinationArray[0] = _checkBoxPvrtc;
_combinationArray[1] = _checkBoxEtc1;
_combinationArray[2] = _checkBoxDxt15;

// a function that do the maths

if((bin=uint(_combinationArray[0].selected + _combinationArray[1].selected +
_combinationArray[2].selected)) == CompressionCombinations.selectedPvrtc){

_argNativeProcess = new String("p");
_nativeProcess.setupAndLaunch(_inputNativeProcess, _outputNativeProcess,  
_argNativeProcess, this);
_msgSuccessErrorTextField.text = "Converting...";
trace("not working");

Thats the problem, i cannot apply the bitwise opperation in it... dont know how to use or construct a function to do it. I know how to do it without bitwise operators, but i want with bitwise operation for future new releases...

Any ideas ? Suggestions in how to solve that?

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why use bitwise at all trace((uint(true)+uint(true)+uint(false))>1) –  The_asMan Mar 12 '13 at 17:40
sry, i didnt understand... that function its not correct, i just tryied to do something... i want to compare the result of the 3 checkboxes with my consts... the cost 'public static const selectedPvrtc:uint = 1<<0;' means that checkboxes1 selected = true and the rest its false. –  RafaelFelisbino Mar 12 '13 at 18:10
what i want to do is... if(selectedPvrtc){ Do something }; if(selectedEtc1){ Do something }; if(selectedDxt15){ Do something } –  RafaelFelisbino Mar 12 '13 at 18:12
My point is you do not need the bitwise ops. As I shown above you can solve your issue by testing if the total checked is greater than 1 –  The_asMan Mar 12 '13 at 18:17
Ah i just saw the statement you made about wanting it in bitwise. –  The_asMan Mar 12 '13 at 18:19
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var selectedPvrtc:uint = 1;
var selectedEtc1:uint = 2;
var selectedDxt15:uint = 4;

var _combinationArray :Array = new Array();
_combinationArray [0] = checkBoxPvrtc;
_combinationArray [1] = checkBoxEtc1;
_combinationArray [2] = checkBoxDxt15;
var tmp:uint = 0;
for(var i:int = 0;i<_combinationArray.length;i++){
    tmp = tmp|(uint(_combinationArray[i].selected)<<i);

if( tmp & selectedPvrtc){
if( tmp & selectedEtc1){
if( tmp & selectedDxt15){
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thats what i was trying to do, works perfect haha... thank you @The_asMan –  RafaelFelisbino Mar 12 '13 at 20:53
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