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I'm building an email message by reading some rows from a database into a multiple line shell variable called EMAIL_DESC:

EMAIL_DESC=`run "select text from  ETL.MAIL_TEXT where ID=1 order by id, text_order"`

Unfortunately I have variables and commands (date) inside $EMAIL_DESC but I can't substitute them in any way.

echo "$EMAIL_DESC"
Please be aware that all user tables and views on the $SERVER_DESC
Ended = `date`.

Any idea?

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Question is not very clear. But whatever I can understand I think you're looking for the evil eval here. Consider this:


echo $x
eval echo $x


Foo Bar $HOME Baz $SHELL
Foo Bar /home/alex Baz /bin/bash
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I found the solution.

At the end of every line in the database I have to add "\\n" (newline) and I have to change eval to accept extra parameters from echo (-e):

eval "echo -e "${EMAIL_DESC}" "

Thanks again Alex

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