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I'm curious about what Python sees when using the subprocess command with respect to source control. I'm stuck using ClearCase, and whenever I start a terminal, I have my cshrc set up to start my view within ClearCase.

I know that when running a shell command via the subprocess module (subprocess.Popen), shell defaults to False. Without my view started on ClearCase, I shouldn't be able to see any files in my source control, but I know that I do. I'm able execute files within the source control.

How is that possible without a view started?


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It would be great if you could post the code that is causing the problem. –  GodMan Mar 12 '13 at 17:33

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Make sure you are not accessing your view through /view (in Unix), where the cleartool setview would trigger a subshell.
That isn't compatible with any system call done from a python script.

Running a shell would give you access to extended path (in dynamic view only).
You can also try and see what kind of result you would get with a library like pycleartool.

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