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I am making an opensource API wrapper for python, so far I have:

import urllib2
import json
import time
waittime = 1
baseurl = ''

class twitchchannelinfo():
    def __init__ (self,channel): = channel
        self.dict1 = json.loads(urllib2.urlopen(baseurl + 'channels/' + channel).read())

    def getstatus(self):
        return self.dict1 ['status']
    def getdisplay_name(self):
        return self.dict1 ['display_name']
    def getmature(self):
        return self.dict1 ['mature']
    def getchanurl(self):
        return self.dict1 ['url']
    def getcreated_at(self):
        return self.dict1 ['created_at']
    def getteams(self):
        return self.dict1 ['teams']
    def getgame(self):
        return self.dict1 ['game']
    def getupdated_at(self):
        return self.dict1 ['updated_at']

and I would like to add error checking to this API. The server will return a json response like this for an error:

    "error": "Unprocessable Entity",
    "status": 422,
    "message": "Channel 'deeman' is not available on Twitch"

which I then convert to a dictionary using json.loads. How would I check this dictionary for the value "error" or is there a better way of doing this?

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I would recommend to do:

if 'error' in self.dict1:
    raise ValueError("%s: %s" % (self.dict1["error"], self.dict1["message"]))
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except KeyError:
    ## Do something here

This is just another approach using try...except

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if 'error' in self.dict1:
  # do blah
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