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Hopefully this topic won't be banned by the admins. I've done a lot of research on integrating existing rails app with external APIs. I'm especially interested in integrating with http://url2png.com/docs/. I really couldn't find any viable resource for a beginner Rails developer which would somehow explain the logic of integrating an existing Rails application with external services, like URL2PNG. I guess that many basic-level developers face the similar issue, so I decided to publish a post at SO.

Although I'm 100% familiar with MVC architecture, and could easily form my own models and make controllers communicate with them, as well as make the use of them in the views etc., I simply cannot situate the idea of integrating external services in my head (and in the app, too..).

For example, the code under Ruby section on the URL2PNG website is clear to me as a sequence of expressions, but I don't know how to get started and implement it in the backend of my own website. Should I make a model out of it? But then why would I - this API has nothing to do with the database. So maybe should I put everything into the controller? How about the configuration of the service? I've also seen a gem somewhere, should I use it, or call the API directly? The doubts go on... There's a number of questions bouncing in my head which simply can't make me start implementing this feature.

The final question is: is there any step-by-step process for implementing external services into existing rails applications? Or is there any benchmark for reading external API documentations (like this one: http://url2png.com/docs/)?

I'd be extremely grateful if anyone could help.

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It depends on you, if you don't want to store the images you don't need a model. The simplest method I can picture its a helper (similar to link_to) that you use on your views. The API is so simple that I'm not sure if it's worth it, but https://github.com/jnunemaker/httparty it's a great gem for building API clients.

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