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I have a web application which is hosted in iis7 in amazon ec2 instance.The directory structure is like Website>Pages>welcome.aspx.The physical path for the iis site has been set at website level.I have added the default page as pages/welcome.aspx.Now when we are accessing the website the site redirects to the default page but the url remains like abc.com:XXXX rather than abc.com:XXXX/pages/welcome.aspx.Now when someone clicks on links with href like abcd.aspx, a page not found exception is thrown as it is searching for the content in the root directory rather than in the pages directory.

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Go to your web.config and add:

      <clear />
      <add value="pages/welcome.aspx" />

From this post.

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I already have this in my web.config –  user936999 Mar 12 '13 at 18:32

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