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I want to list the namespaces on a host remotely using the C# Client SDK, and the documentation is very scarce about it.

I am aware of a server tool to do this but I need to query that from a maintenance tool that I am writing, so using the server console is not an option.

Does anybody know if this is possible and if so how to do it?

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2 Answers

You can make an info call with the string "namespaces" and parse the returned value. doc on c# info API: http://www.aerospike.com/csharp_api/html/AllMembers_T_Aerospike_Client_Info.htm

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You can get that information by emulating the logic that clmonitor utilizes to communicate with the Aerospike cluster. Clmonitor is written in Python; executing the 'info' command in clmonitor provides a wealth of information, a subset of which is the list of namespaces. I suggest that you emulate the logic used by clmonitor in your C# code to communicate with the cluster and then parse out the information that you require. In the future, I suggest that you take advantage of the Aerospike forums to ask questions about Aerospike. Thank you for your interest in Aerospike.

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Thanks for your response. Where can I find the clmonitor? on the python SDK? –  Pedrom Mar 14 '13 at 2:16
clmonitor is part of the citrusleaf-tools / aerospike-tools package. –  Anshu Prateek May 30 at 2:13
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