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In Ida pro 6.1, i have a dll which have a twenty call to the "CreateFileA" and "CreateFileW" function API.

I would like to specify breakpoints for all the CreateFileA/CreateFileW automatically.

I could do it manually for al the xref, but it's long. Is there a way to specify a breakpoint directly for the CreateFileA/CreateFileW call ?

Thanks a lot :)

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You could set a break point at the first instruction of both CreateFile, or you could whip something up with IDAPython to create the breakpoints.

Iterate over all the instructions/calls and look for calls to the appropriate function.

add_bpt() I believe is the call,

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If CreateFileA/W are all imports (ie, externs defined in an .idata section), can you not just select the symbol in question and hit F2 (add breakpoint)? The Breakpoint settings dialog that comes up allows you to specify the Hardware breakpoint mode, which in this case we would want to limit to Read (since the symbol's value would be written to at startup when imports are resolved), which should only happen in 'call ds:CreateFileA' instances.

Some breakpoint notes from the IDA Help:

  • It is impossible to create more than 4 hardware breakpoints
  • Please note that hardware breakpoints occur AFTER the instruction execution while software breakpoints occur BEFORE the instruction.
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