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I am working on multithread programming and I am stuck on something.

In my program there are two tasks and two types of robots for carrying out the tasks:

  • Task 1 requires any two types of robot and

  • task 2 requires 2 robot1 type and 2 robot2 type.

Total number of robot1 and robot2 and pointers to these two types are given for initialization. Threads share these robots and robots are reserved until a thread is done with them.

Actual task is done in doTask1(robot **) function which takes pointer to a robot pointer as parameter so I need to pass the robots that I reserved. I want to provide concurrency. Obviously if I lock everything it will not be concurrent. robot1 is type of Robot **. Since It is used by all threads before one thread calls doTask or finish it other can overwrite robot1 so it changes things. I know it is because robot1 is shared by all threads. Could you explain how can I solve this problem? I don't want to pass any arguments to thread start routine.

rsc is my struct to hold number of robots and pointers that are given in an initialization function.

void *task1(void *arg)
    int tid;
    tid = *((int *) arg);
    cout << "TASK 1 with thread id " << tid << endl;

    pthread_mutex_lock (&mutexUpdateRob);
    while (rsc->totalResources < 2)
        pthread_cond_wait(&noResource, &mutexUpdateRob);

    if (rsc->numOfRobotA > 0 && rsc->numOfRobotB > 0)
        rsc->numOfRobotA --;
        robot1[0] = &rsc->robotA[counterA];
        robot1[1] = &rsc->robotB[counterB];
        counterA ++;
        counterB ++;
        flag1 = true;
        rsc->totalResources -= 2;

     pthread_mutex_unlock (&mutexUpdateRob);

     pthread_mutex_lock (&mutexUpdateRob);

         rsc->numOfRobotA ++;
         rsc->totalResources += 2;

       if (totalResource >= 2)
       pthread_mutex_unlock (&mutexUpdateRob);

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Could you formatt your code better? It is hard to read the way it is showing up. – Keith Pinson Mar 12 '13 at 18:54
It doesn't let me use indentation that's why it is like that – user2162317 Mar 12 '13 at 20:07
What doesn't like you use indentation? SO certainly does let you use indentation. (Sure, you can't use tabs; it's a webform.) I've intended it for you, if my edit is accepted. – Keith Pinson Mar 12 '13 at 20:23

If robots are global resources, threads should not dispose of them. It should be the duty of the main thread exit (or cleanup) function. Also, there sould be a way for threads to locate unambiguously the robots, and to lock their use.

The robot1 array seems to store the robots, and it seems to be a global array. However:

  • its access is not protected by a mutex (pthread_mutex_t), it seems now that you've taken care of that.

  • Also, the code in task1 is always modifying entries 0 and 1 of this array. If two threads or more execute that code, the entries will be overwritten. I don't think that it is what you want. How will that array be used afterwards?

In fact, why does this array need to be global?

The bottom line is this: as long as this array is shared by threads, they will have problems working concurrently. Think about it this way:

You have two companies using robots to work, but they're using the same truck (robot1) to move the robots around. How are these two companies supposed to function properly, and efficiently with only one truck?

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Actually I don't need to allocate memory for robots. An array of robota and an array of robotb is passed to me by a function. I just need to use them. However, doTask1 takes pointer to an array with length 2 that contains robots to be used by the thread. I don't know how I can reserve this robots and how can I pass those to doTask so that other threads do not overwrite the argument array that I passed to doTask? – user2162317 Mar 13 '13 at 3:57
I want concurrency. – user2162317 Mar 13 '13 at 4:17
Yes, as long as they share it, there will be problem but if I do everything in lock then it is not concurrent. I am not familiar with thread programming and I don't know how I can provide concurrency here.Any idea? – user2162317 Mar 13 '13 at 13:51

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