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PhoneGap wraps the setInterval function, so that console.log returns this:

function wrapped_setInterval(code, interval)
    var id = Native.setInterval(code, interval)   
    code.__timerId = id
    addTimer(id, interval, false)
    return id

How can I call the original setTimeout function? It seems to be backed up in Native.original.setTimeout, is there a way to get access to the Native object?

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Why do you want to do that? You'd only subvert whatever PhoneGap is doing to keep track of the timer. The whole point is that Native.setInterval does not have the complete functionality of setInterval, and that's why it's wrapped in some supplementary JS. –  James McLaughlin Mar 12 '13 at 18:47
@JamesMcLaughlin I'm running into a problem where, when the date changes while the app is running, setInterval stops working. I eval'd a simple setInterval, and it works when the app starts but not after the date change. I'm trying to find out if it works if I use the original setInterval. –  Matt Zeunert Mar 12 '13 at 18:50

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