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I'm really new to xcode and objective-c. overall fairly new to programming. Is there a way to load only a specific frame from a website onto a UIWebView on xcode?

I have a website that I need to load onto the app, but the website has different sections to it (it has a calendar, a list of events, and some extra info). Right now I'm loading it into a UIWebView, but the website looks too crowded, so I need to load only the list of events section. I know the website uses plone, but again, I'm not exactly sure what that is.

Would I have to parse the XML and load it into a table view, or is there a way to use UIWebView and only load part of the website?

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If you know the URL of the frame’s contents, just pass that in as the UIWevView’s URL.

Update: I thought you were talking about html <frame> tags, which would work with the above solution. However, if you mean you want to extract a specific <div> from a site, that is going to be much more complicated.

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yeah, I'm talking about the <div>.. any tips on what I could do? –  elevenothree Mar 13 '13 at 16:57

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