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I have the following UIHInt based attibute:

public class DropDownListAttribute : UIHintAttribute, IMetadataAware
    public DropDownListAttribute(string selectListName)
        : base(KnownUiHints.DropDown, KnownPresentationLayers.Mvc, selectListName)
        SelectListName = selectListName;

    public string SelectListName { get; set; }

    public void OnMetadataCreated(ModelMetadata metadata)
        metadata.AdditionalValues[KnowMetadataKeys.SelectListName] = SelectListName;

It's purpose is to assign a SelectList to a single value view model property to be selected from a list, like this:

public class DemoModel: ViewModel
    [Display(Name = "Language")]
    public int? LanguageId { get; set; }

    public SelectList LanguageSelect { get; set; }

I have this working now with some very Golbergian machinery and my own metadata provider, but having discovered IMetadataAware.OnMetadataCreated, I feel I can simplify this. Right now I add the SelectListName to the metadata, and then jump through some hoops to a) Get the SelectList into a sort of global dictionary, and b) get the select list out of that dictionary when rendering the dropdown list.

I would like to add the SelectList itself to the model metadata in the attribute, i.e. metadata local to the property the attribute applies to, but how do I access that property or it's containing type?

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what HtmlHelper method are you using in your view to output the list? –  MarkG May 11 '13 at 14:45

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Sample code to access attributes on Pocos. There is a single or Multi attribute version to look at

sample call to method

var MutliAttributeList = MyStatic.GetPocoMultiAttribute<MyAttribute>(typeof(poco),"AttrName");

 public static UAttribute GetPocoAttribute<TPoco, UAttribute>(string attributeName) {
        var result = typeof (TPoco).GetCustomAttributes(true)
                                   .Where(attribute => attribute.GetType()
                                                                .Name == attributeName)
        return result;

public static IEnumerable<UAttribute> GetPocoMultiAttribute<UAttribute>(Type pocoType, string attributeName) {
        var result = pocoType.GetCustomAttributes(true)
                             .Where(attribute => attribute.GetType()
                                                          .Name == attributeName).Cast<UAttribute>().ToList();
        return result;
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