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i have this entity:

namespace Entities.dbo
    public class Question : AbstractEntity
        [Association(CanBeNull = false, OtherKey = "id", ThisKey = "c_from")]
        public User From { get; set; }

        [Association(CanBeNull = false, OtherKey = "id", ThisKey = "c_to")]
        public Band To { get; set; }


leading to a Band entity :

namespace Entities.dbo
    public class Band : AbstractEntity
        public string Name { get; set; }

        [Association(CanBeNull = false, ThisKey = "frontman", OtherKey = "id")]
        public User Frontman { get; set; }


but when I try to get questions like :

public static List<Question> GetQuestions(Band band)
            using (var db = new MyDbManager())

                    var l = db.GetTable<Question>().Where(x => x.To == band).ToList();

                    return l;
                }catch(Exception e)

                    return null; 

I got this exception:

Association key 'c_to' not found for type 'Entities.dbo.Question.

any idea wheres the problem ?

I know that in the table tbl_question is column c_to..


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The ThisKey property represents key fields (comma delimited) on the side where the association is defined. The field of entity class, not database table field! In your case, you must:

1. Define field in the Question entity for ThisKey property:

public int BandId { get; set; }

2. Define field in the Band entity for OtherKey property:

public string BandId { get; set; }

3. Rewrite To property in the Question entity:

[Association(CanBeNull = false, OtherKey = "BandId", ThisKey = "BandId")]
public Band To { get; set; }
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