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I have a class which I cannot change:

class SomeBean
   @Inject private Dep1 dep1;
   @Inject private Dep2 dep2;
   @Inject private DepN depN;

I have my class:

class MyBean
   @Inject@Named("bean1") private SomeBean bean1;
   @Inject@Named("bean2") private SomeBean bean2;

How could make a module configuration so that bean1 and bean2 are injected by different instances which have different dep2 instances, but all other dependencies are the same?

If I were using the spring, I could create a bean in a context file such as:

   <bean class="MyBean">
     <property name="bean1">
       <bean class="SomeBean">
         <property name="dep2" ref="dep2InstanceA"/>
     <property name="bean2">
       <bean class="SomeBean">
         <property name="dep2" ref="dep2InstanceB"/>

So that I explicitly override one property, all other autowired.

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You need to use PrivateModules read about How do I build two similar but slightly different trees of objects?.

Some pseudocode to give you a feeling:

class Bean1Module extends PrivateModule

class Bean2Module extends PrivateModule

It might be a bit more lines of code than Spring xml lines but this is typesafe, code complete works without any plugins, you can even put some logic in the module, etc. ;)

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Thanks. Neat. I like guice. –  kan Mar 14 '13 at 22:00

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