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I have a part of a web page (incorporating Bootstrap CSS) that contains a <div> with the id "drop-zone" that I pick up later in javascript to implement drag-and-drop functionality:

<div id="drop_zone">
    <p style="color: darkgray">Drop</p>
    <p style="color: black">test.txt</p>
    <p style="color: darkgray"> here</p>

I have the <p>s in there because I want to vary the styling across this single line, but if I use the code above, or if I swap the <p>s for <div>s, the code renders on multiple lines like so:




when I really want it to look like:

Drop test.txt here

I'm sure this is an easy fix, but any thoughts here?

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I would highly recommend learning some more about HTML especially since you are using something like Bootstrap so that you get a better understand of what it is actually doing. Starting with learning how inline, block, and inline-block works. – mccrager Mar 12 '13 at 23:35
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Use <span> instead of <p>.

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<p> and <div> are both block elements which will be display their contents on a separate line by default. You'd be better off using a <span> which will display its contents inline.

<div id="drop_zone"><span style="color: darkgray">Drop</span><span style="color: black">test.txt</span><span style="color: darkgray"> here</span></div>

You should really consider moving all the styles into a stylesheet, too, instead of having them defined in style attributes like you have as this will make changing the styles easier as your page gets more complex.

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try the below in your divs or p tags or better yet create a class that has this property :

display : inline;


display : inline-block;

<div id="drop_zone" style='display:inline;'><p style="color: darkgray; display:inline;"> Drop </p><p style="color: black; display:inline;"> test.txt </p><p style="color: darkgray;  display:inline;'"> here</p></div>

This is the jsdfiddle

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This is because <p> is a block-level element, so by default it will cause a line-break .. you can replace it with an inline element (<span>) or set the <p> display to either inline or inline-block

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I think you can use <span> instead of <p>

<div id="drop_zone"><span style="color: darkgray">Drop </span><span style="color: black">test.txt</span><span style="color: darkgray"> here</span></div> 
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