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I have a weird situation. I am trying to hook on to sales_order_save_after event but it won't work. To debug this I am doing Mage::log() in Mage.php to see what events are firing. Suprirsing, its only printing resource_get_tablename and core_collection_abstract_load_before few times (24 lines altogether) and nothing else. To make it more confusing, when I save a product (by going to Manage Products) it prints the big list of all the events (as expected). Any idea how to debug this? I want to send an email out on sales_order_save_after event.

Just to confirm, I have logging enable under System->configuration->developer->logging

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Please put some code here –  Mahmood Rehman Mar 14 '13 at 4:17
Don't think putting code here is gonna help. I am hooking into the sales_order_save_after event and only doing a Mage::log inside the called method. Issue here is, the same code works on fresh installation but not on the store I am working on. Which tells there is some other process (or module) which is stopping the events to trigger (although order gets created). Question is, how can I debug that whats stopping these events to trigger? –  Hum Mar 16 '13 at 23:33

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