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I know that it is possible to use UIDocumentInteractionController to give the user a chance to open a document, say a Word document, in an application such as Pages.

Is it possible in any way to do the reverse: that is, allow a user to save the document back to an area where my application can access the newly saved document, or to provide a 'save to' option within Pages? Like how Dropbox integrates with Pages.


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Unfortunately no. Apps that support Dropbox do so by implementing the Dropbox API and syncing to the Dropbox server when online. The only way another app can give a file to your app directly is through the UIDocumentInteractionController "Open in.." feature. You can sign up for receiving files of the formats you want to support like this: those files will be written temporarily in your app bundle's Documents/Inbox and you will have to save them in another directory to be able to write to them.

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I realise the sandboxing prevents extra-app document access; I guess I wondered whether there was any equivalent to the image picker for Pages. Thanks for the links though – Chris K Mar 13 '13 at 0:43

This is not possible. You can't save apps to other application's space due to required app sandboxing.

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