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I am looking for some good tools (free or paid, though free tool is always preferred) for doing following operations on word doc files:

  1. Manipulation of doc/docx/text files (like replacing some placeholders with DB values) as well as

  2. converts doc files to .pdf

Because, I will be using this tool in my WCF service library, So I am looking for a code library and not for a GUI based product.

Please share your experience regarding same.

Thank you!

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Aspose has a decent collection of MS Office and PDF manipulation libraries.

Aspose Homepage

On the off chance that you're only looking for PDFs for viewing or archival purposes, you could also setup a PDF print driver and print your office files into a given location using Automation. You could also edit Office files through Automation although this may be tedious.

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Thank you all for your help. For my current scenerio, I will be using Aspose library to do doc/docx manipulation and then finally converting the result document to pdf after mail merge. I have downloaded the free 30-days trial version and it seems to solve all my issues. I would suggest anyone going to use Aspose to have the trial version first and then making the decision. –  iniki Oct 23 '09 at 9:14

VSTO would give you access to the save as PDF from the Office applications.

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Please see my answer to a related question on SO where I recommend a number of ways to convert your Word document to a format that is more easy to manipulate programmatically (using XSL-FO).

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