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I have a pandas dataframe with a column called my_labels which contains strings: 'A', 'B', 'C', 'D', 'E'. I would like to count the number of occurances of each of these strings then divide the number of counts by the sum of all the counts. I'm trying to do this in Pandas like this:

func = lambda x: x.size() / x.sum()
data = frame.groupby('my_labels').apply(func)

This code throws an error, 'DataFrame object has no attribute 'size'. How can I apply a function to calculate this in Pandas?

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apply takes a function to apply to each value, not the series, and accepts kwargs. So, the values do not have the .size() method.

Perhaps this would work:

from pandas import *

d = {"my_label": Series(['A','B','A','C','D','D','E'])}
df = DataFrame(d)

def as_perc(value, total):
    return value/float(total)

def get_count(values):
    return len(values)

grouped_count = df.groupby("my_label").my_label.agg(get_count)
data = grouped_count.apply(as_perc, total=df.my_label.count())

The .agg() method here takes a function that is applied to all values of the groupby object.

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g = pd.DataFrame(['A','B','A','C','D','D','E'])

# Group by the contents of column 0 
gg = g.groupby(0)  

# Create a DataFrame with the counts of each letter
histo = gg.apply(lambda x: x.count())

# Add a new column that is the count / total number of elements    
histo[1] = histo.astype(np.float)/len(g) 

print histo


   0         1
A  2  0.285714
B  1  0.142857
C  1  0.142857
D  2  0.285714
E  1  0.142857
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You can also use histo = gg.size() for simplicity –  Reservedegotist Mar 13 '13 at 1:13

I saw a nested function technique for computing a weighted average on S.O. one time, altering that technique can solve your issue.

def group_weight(overall_size):
    def inner(group):
        return len(group)/float(overall_size)
    inner.__name__ = 'weight'
    return inner

d = {"my_label": pd.Series(['A','B','A','C','D','D','E'])}
df = pd.DataFrame(d)
print df.groupby('my_label').apply(group_weight(len(df)))

A    0.285714
B    0.142857
C    0.142857
D    0.285714
E    0.142857
dtype: float64

Here is how to do a weighted average within groups

def wavg(val_col_name,wt_col_name):
    def inner(group):
        return (group[val_col_name] * group[wt_col_name]).sum() / group[wt_col_name].sum()
    inner.__name__ = 'wgt_avg'
    return inner

d = {"P": pd.Series(['A','B','A','C','D','D','E'])
     ,"Q": pd.Series([1,2,3,4,5,6,7])
    ,"R": pd.Series([0.1,0.2,0.3,0.4,0.5,0.6,0.7])

df = pd.DataFrame(d)
print df.groupby('P').apply(wavg('Q','R'))

A    2.500000
B    2.000000
C    4.000000
D    5.545455
E    7.000000
dtype: float64
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