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i try to debug a windows gadget. Just-In-Time debugging fires up and i can see an VS2010IDE attached to the sidebar process. But there is no source code to debug! Only a blank file with the yellow debug pointer. What is my problem?

Configuration of my system is based on this article: Gadgets for Windows Sidebar Debugging (

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We have posted on the MSDN forum about this. I think script debugging is broken in studio 2010 beta2.

I cannot get script debugging to work on my ASP.NET MVC project either. We get a blank page, and the IDE cannot find the code to debug. Trying to open files in the Internet Explorer tree in solution exlorer results in blank files being opened.

I think it's a bug - and afterall it is a beta.

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I also had this problem, and for a while I was thinking it might have to do with my machine being 64-bit, or a permissions issue, but I have no way of confirming it.

However, I was able to solve it by using the template on this Code Project site:

The nice thing about the template is that it's setup as a Windows application. When you run the app it handles the local deployment of your gadget and starts the sidebar service (sidebar.exe). I believe this probably gets around a number of permissions issues.

After setting up a new project using this template, I was able to successfully debug the JavaScript using the "debugger" methods explained everywhere else (for example:

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