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I'm trying to choose a tool for creating UML diagrams of all flavours. Usability is a major criteria for me, but I'd still take more power with a steeper learning curve and be happy. Free (as in beer) would be nice, but I'd be willing to pay if the tool's worth it. What should I be using?


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Try alt text

But, It is NOT free

It has amazing features.. Check the screenshots here.

And they have alt text and alt texttooo..


I have been working on UML standards since 1999 and may tell you that Sparx Enterprise Architect should not be considered as a UML tool as it does not follow UML 2 specification. Its diagrams look as UML but names of the properties and the way as they specified are not following UML standard. MagicDraw and IBM RSA are the true UML tool on the market so far.


Visual Paradigm for UML or Dia are good options


You should try Modelio Free Edition. It support UML2, BPMN, SOA and XMI. It is simple to use and their forum is very active.


You might want to check out ArgoUML. It's not the best tool I've ever used, but it's one of the better free ones I've seen. It's a little slow because it's written in Java, but it let's you do some basic UML diagrams with relative ease.

I would say nay on that, I butted my head against that wall for a month and there's got to be something better. Far too clunky and an un-intuitive UI. – George Mauer Sep 9 '08 at 14:37
ArgoUML cannot copy-paste objects and even undo! – Török Gábor May 19 '10 at 8:45

As mentioned, ArgoUML is a decent tool for UML 1.4 and has recently (Autumn 2008) been receiving some much needed maintainance updates.



I used this for my thesis and it is well-designed: maybe it has too much feature not very important but I prefer have some uselee feature than don't have some useful feature.


I strongly recommend BOUML. It's a free UML modelling application, which:

  • is extremely fast (fastest UML tool ever created, check out benchmarks),
  • has rock solid C++, Java, PHP and others import support,
  • is multiplatform (Linux, Windows, other OSes),
  • has a great SVG export support, which is important, because viewing large graphs in vector format, which scales fast in e.g. Firefox, is very convenient (you can quickly switch between "birds eye" view and class detail view),
  • is full featured, impressively intensively developed (look at development history, it's hard to believe that such fast progress is possible).
  • supports plugins, has modular architecture (this allows user contributions, looks like BOUML community is forming up)

Believe me, there is no better tool. StarUML is a retarded turtle compared to BOUML. ArgoUML simply doesn't work. Dia is a ergonomy^-1 software.

-1 "fastest ever created", "rock solid", "great", "impressively intensively developed", "no better tool" plus bashing other solutions... It's nice having a detailed description but there is way too much promotion in there. – Jla Nov 15 '10 at 9:43

Just throwing in my two bits here, but I found ArgoUML to be very useful. It takes a little while to get used to it and its a bit buggy (last I checked it was in version .29 or so) but it works pretty well once you get used to it. It handles all types of UML diagrams, which is why I prefer it. Also, its made by tigris, the same people who made subclipse, an SVN repository plug-in for Eclipse.


If you want to model at diagram level and also have a clean metamodel the new Omondo build allows live synchronization between MOF and UML Diagrams. Just amazing to see my diagram and the xmi live synchronized each time I change something in my diagram and the model is changed. What is most incredible is that the model is also the metamodel and the MOF because everything is lived synchronized. Very powerful new concept for my point of view.

I also like Java code annotation and JPA support in the class diagram and in the model. I don't know any other tool having these 2 incredible features !!


Take a look at the Sybase PowerDesigner


It is a vary powerful tool but so is the price!


The TopCoder UML Tool is a very good free UML tool.


For sequence diagrams there is free java based Quick Sequence Diagram Editor. The sequence is written in text editor and then rendered by QSDE engine. It exports to variety of vector and bitmap file formats.


I recommend Software Ideas Modeler. It has a lot of features and an intuitive GUI.


I have tried MagicDraw and it is very good, only the community edition though.

Also I have tried omondo, it looks fantastic but it is very expensive for commercial use.


In my career I often needed to draw UML diagrams and generate Java code. I found MagicDraw most appealing and I'm a happy user. I think their licensing model is fair because it allows to pay for what you need. I prefer it to other products I used in my (distant) past: ArgoUML, Poseidon, Rational Rose, Dia. Be aware that my experiences on other products are obsolete and have maybe significantly improved or changed their licensing model. Maybe you should start with an open-source tool and decide later whether to spend some bucks.

With MagicDraw you can document your code by generating diagrams from code. You can also model first, then generate the code. It also integrates well with several IDEs.


I use It just does class diagrams.

Good things

  • Very simple feature set. Great UI. Very easy to use.
  • Attractive UI.
  • Don't have to login/create an account
  • Can save diagrams
  • Free

Bad things

  • Hard to collaborate -- have to export to xml (I don't care)
  • Can't access diagrams from any machine because it saves to your browser (I don't care)
  • Can't export as image or pdf (I can take a screen shot)
  • Can't generate code for most languages
  • Very simple feature set. (I don't care)
  • Each class has an 'Event' list which I don't need and I can't get rid of.

I advice to use Pacestar UML Diagrammer. It helps you generate UML 2.0 diagrams quickly, easily, flexible AND commonly understood notation.

I used it in many projects and I'm very satisfied. And too it doesn't use much of memory and space just 6 Mo of Hard Disk.

And the most feature that I like it very much is that I can copy diagrams from the editor and paste them in MS Word... so when I need to edit a specific diagram, just I click on and it will be opened in the editor and by closing it, the updates had been done in MS Word document.


+1 for TopCoder UML Tool after I had tried most of other free tools.
My reasons are:

1) The tool can save UML diagrams in the human-readable format XMI, so the file can be fed to the version control system easily.

2) Support of Undo/Redo (this is the reason I've discharged ArgoUML).

3) The diagram is kept in one single file, and not linked tightly with "workspace" or "project".

StarUML is also good, though is old. Unfortunatley it is not developed/maintained any longer.


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