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I have millions of items in the database. And user can search those items based on the keyword. In the search function, I need to provide a feature that search for NOT that keyword.

For example Item A has a field called msg and the value is Sitecore is awesome and great. In the search box, user can check the checkbox that indicates to show any item that doesn't contain the keyword. Maybe user key in is keyword, so Item A will not be displayed or retrieved by ADC.

Edit: Currently I'm using sitecore6.6, thus Search method has been deprecated. I have tried the Not keyword by using Occurrence.MustNot, but it doesn't return any result.

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What are you using for the search - Lucene? –  herskinduk Mar 13 '13 at 9:02
@herskinduk yupe, lucene search –  user970307 Mar 18 '13 at 7:45

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The Sitecore Advanced Database Crawler is an extension of the Sitecore.Search API and Sitecore.Search API is a wrapper around Lucene.

In Lucene you can user queries with NOT or - to exclude something like "Sitecore NOT awesome" or "Sitecore -awesome".

To exclude something you need at least one include term.

Not sure if it works, but give it a try.

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This is untested, but you might have luck by using a MatchAllDocsQuery and supplying the keywords in the form of a Filter.

BooleanQuery booleanQuery = new BooleanQuery();

QueryParser queryParser = new QueryParser("msg", new StandardAnalyzer());
Query userQuery = queryParser.Parse("Sitecore is awesome and great");
booleanQuery.Add(userQuery, reverseQuery.Checked ? BooleanClause.Occur.MUST_NOT : BooleanClause.Occur.MUST);

MatchAllDocsQuery matchAllQuery = new MatchAllDocsQuery();
Filter filter = new QueryFilter(booleanQuery);

using (QueryRunner queryRunner = new QueryRunner("myIndex"))
    var skinnyItems = queryRunner.RunQuery(matchAllQuery, filter, ...)
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What I have done to NOT include the keywords associated with the result item set is this:

 protected List<Item> getSearchResults(string queryToSearch, string selectedFilter, string notToSearch)
        Database db = Sitecore.Context.Database;
        var index = SearchManager.GetIndex("siteSearchIndexName");

        using (SortableIndexSearchContext context = new SortableIndexSearchContext(index))
            if (!String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(query))
                CombinedQuery cq = new CombinedQuery();
                QueryBase qbKeyword = new FieldQuery("_orderkeywordpair", query);
                QueryBase qbContent = new FieldQuery("_content", query);
                QueryBase qbHtml = new FieldQuery("html", query);

                if (!String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(selectedFilter) && selectedFilter.ToLower() != "all")
                    QueryBase qbFilter = new FieldQuery("_pagetype", selectedFilter);
                    cq.Add(qbFilter, QueryOccurance.Must);
                cq.Add(qbKeyword, QueryOccurance.Should);
                cq.Add(qbContent, QueryOccurance.Must);
                cq.Add(qbHtml, QueryOccurance.MustNot);

                SearchHits hits = context.Search(cq);
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I'm currently using sitecore 6.6, so context.Search is a deprecated method. Is there any other method to do it? –  user970307 Mar 18 '13 at 9:26

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