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I'm hitting failures when running

  cts-tf > run cts --package android.holo

but when I run the failed tests individually, like

cts-tf > run cts --class android.holo.cts.HoloTest --method testHoloWallpaperNoTitleBar

they pass.

Without knowing the internals, I'd expect that something that failed a package test would fail an individual test. If there was a dependency on a previous test, then if anything failed it would be the individual test.

Is this a cts timing issue, something expected with holo, or something else? If you understand it, please enlighten me, I'm new to cts.


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Maybe that test case is affected by another test case in same class or package But in case it's pass when re-run, you could just it is pass

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Holo test cases are usually for screen resolution of the Device under Test. You can ask Google for wave-off on these tests if you are running the tests on Mobile.

As per the previous answer, there could be a chance that previous set of test cases are causing some issues leading to failures of Holo tests (but I doubt this)

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