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I am trying to retrieve public tweets from a server-side application, using application-only authentication (no user context).

The following code works fine:

var service = new TwitterService("<consumer key>", "<consumer secret>");
service.AuthenticateWith("<access token>", "<access token secret>"); 

var options = new ListTweetsOnUserTimelineOptions { ScreenName = "billgates" };

foreach (var tweet in service.ListTweetsOnUserTimeline(options))

However I gather from this diagram that it shouldn't be necessary to provide the access token/secret:

Application-only authentication

However when I remove the call to AuthenticateWith, ListTweetsOnUserTimeline returns null.

It is a limitation of the library, if not, how can I do it?


Aas far as I can tell, this calls the GET statuses/user_timeline method that should support application-only authentication, as per the documentation:

API methods that support this form of authentication will contain two rate limits in their documentation, one that is per user (for application-user authentication) and the other is per app (for this form of application-only authentication)

The GET statuses/user_timeline method has these 2 limits shown in its documentation.

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any luck with this method? – cDima Mar 20 '13 at 3:43
For those interested, the issue on GitHub: – Xavier Poinas May 14 '13 at 0:42

I think this in not a limitation of the library, but limitation of the Twitter API.

As far as I know, the ListTweetsOnUserTimeline() method uses statuses/user_timeline API call.

GET statuses/user_timeline

As you can see, this call requires authentication.

You can try to use the Streaming API for getting statuses. I can't help you here since I have only experience with user streams, not public.

Public streams

Besides, the TweetSharp has some problems with streams, I had to switch to Linq2Twitter library.

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I think this method should support application-only auth, which I guess is it a form of authentication, hence the Authentication: Required (see my edits in the question). – Xavier Poinas Mar 13 '13 at 22:07
From what I've been able to read, I don't believe you can use streams without authenticating with the user. – KronoS Aug 14 '13 at 19:49
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This is confirmed as not being supported:

As this project is being retired, there is no plan to add support for it.

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