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So I wanted to use the new [ActiveModel::Serializer][1] that has been recently added to rails.

If I write my serializer like this:

class PatientSerializer < ActiveModel::Serializer
  attributes :patient_money, :doctor_name

  def doctor_name

The JSON I get is like this:

// HERE.... 

Which is very close to what I want BUT at the place I put that "HERE" comment above, I want one more wrapping layer of JSON so I could say for example my_results and then that wraps those three JSON results around it like an array, just like when we create a new element in JBuilder when we say json.my_results

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Ok I got it. In the controller that is sending a respond_with(@blah) I should pass a root element and name it whatever I like for example:

respond_with(@blah, root: 'my_results')
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