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It is easy to find rubygems documents on the Web, but I want to read them on my console.

ri is not enough for me, because I have to know the name of class or method before reading ri. At that time, however, I don't know anything other than the package name!

So I need the fastest way to find synopsys of rubygems, something like perldoc.

Is there any good way?

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If you are using Bundler you can always do:

$ bundle open gemname 

which will open the gem in your $EDITOR allowing you to check out the README.rdoc (or whatever the author is using as root documentation) not to mention all of the source code. Very helpful when debugging too!

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Have you tried typing ri at the command line and pressing Return then, at the prompt, entered the first letters of something you're curious about, pressed Tab twice, and let it show you the matches? Or, put in a single letter and press Return and let ri show you what starts with that letter? Or, from the command-line, simply typed ri -l?

Or, have you tried typing gem server at the command-line, then opened a browser window to to see the documentation for the gems installed in your current Ruby?

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