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As in subject... is there a way of looking at an empty table schema without inserting any rows and issuing a SELECT?

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Are you looking for DESCRIBE?

db2 describe table user1.department


Column             Type        Type
name               schema      name               Length   Scale    Nulls
------------------ ----------- ------------------ -------- -------- --------
AREA               SYSIBM      SMALLINT                  2        0 No
DEPT               SYSIBM      CHARACTER                 3        0 No
DEPTNAME           SYSIBM      CHARACTER                20        0 Yes
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SELECT *                
TBNAME    = 'tablename'; 
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For DB2 AS/400 (V5R4 here) I used the following queries to examine for database / table / column metadata:

SELECT * FROM SYSIBM.TABLES -- Provides all tables

SELECT * FROM SYSIBM.VIEWS -- Provides all views and their source (!!) definition

SELECT * FROM SYSIBM.COLUMNS -- Provides all columns, their data types & sizes, default values, etc.

SELECT * FROM SYSIBM.SQLPRIMARYKEYS -- Provides a list of primary keys and their order

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Looking at your other question, DESCRIBE may not work. I believe there is a system table that stores all of the field information.

Perhaps this will help you out. A bit more coding but far more accurate.

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