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I am developing a wordpress theme based on Roots starter theme . However, I am facing a problem here. When I insert an image on the first line it does not appear, not even in the html mark-up (I checked page source to ensure that). However, when I insert the image from second line onward it shows up properly (also reflected in html mark-up as checked from page source).

I was wondering if that could be an issue with my theme or wordpress itself. I am using version 3.5.1 in the development environment.

Would highly appreciate any discussion on this.

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Have you tried using the default theme? Most probably the issue is with your theme or a plugin. – user2019515 Mar 13 '13 at 16:06
No plugin installed, and I am developing this theme. Thats why I am trying to sort it out. Thanks for your reply – bojroninad Apr 11 '13 at 5:27

Well you can try to insert the image manually from the begining in HTML code.Find the path of the image that you want to insert and put it on

 <img src="" />
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Most probably this issue lies with your theme. Try checking your functions.php file and see if there a filter which is related to JavaScript or the_content.

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