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I have a CodeIgniter application and I just learned about migrations. It sounds very useful and I would like to start using it. However I already have a rather complex database setup. Can someone suggest a reasonable way to create a reliable initial migration from my MYSQL .sql schema file?

It seems excessive to manually recreate the entire db with dbforge, but perhaps that's what I ought to do.

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Bit late reply, but I hacked a quick library that should generate the base migration file for you from your current DB. Its still beta, but works on my systems 40 tables+



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It is great, but has one big issue, and that is it considers only the PK from keys, not (composite) unique nor FK. –  Musa Nov 23 '14 at 11:42

I was messing around with SQL files manually and then I discovered Jamie Rumbelow's schema library. It makes schema operation a little bit easier to manage then DBForge but still requires manual entry.


Someone came up with a mashup of his base model and schema library and it makes prototyping much faster


this allows you to automate the CRUD model operations & schema

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github.com/williamknauss/schema_base_model_magic It is broken, can anyone suggests the updated one? –  Musa Nov 23 '14 at 12:49

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