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I have a PostgreSQL function that selects data and returns it via a refcursor, similar to the following declaration:

  RETURNS refcursor AS

How do I retrieve data from this function via a CodeIgniter model? I can't just SELECT directly from the function as it does not return the data directly.

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In case anyone is interested, a post on php.net gave the following solution:

protected function dbquery($query){
  $rs=pg_query("FETCH ALL IN \"" . $name . "\";");
  return $rs;

Which can be wired up in the model as follows:

$query = $this->dbquery("SELECT * FROM my_function()");

while ($row = pg_fetch_assoc($query))
   array_push($result, array('my_column' => $row['my_column'] ));

Not an ideal solution as it does not use the CI Postgres driver's functions (although it probably could be refactored to), but it works.

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The answer above does not take advantage of the CI active record class. To do this in CI just run a custom query.

For example:

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Agreed, but I was not trying to CREATE the function. The function returns a cursor and I needed to call that function and read the data that it returns. If you can post an example of doing that using CI's active record class, I would be grateful. –  Justin Ethier Dec 15 '11 at 2:52

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