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I would like to grep lines that contains both patterns in any order and I'm using

awk '/pattern1/ && /pattern2/' file.txt

but if I want to do case insensitive search, adding /i works only if I add it to pattern2.

awk '/pattern1/ && /pattern2/i' file.txt ...works

awk '/pattern1/i && /pattern2/i' file.txt ...don't, outputs the whole file

anyone know how to solve this?

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awk '{s=tolower($0)} s~/lowercase_pattern1/ && s~/lowercase_pattern2/' file

There is also the possibility of the IGNORECASE option in GNU awk..

You could also most of the time do something like this:

grep -Ei 'pattern1.*pattern2|pattern2.*pattern1' file
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You could also use grep:

grep -i "pattern1" file.txt | grep -i "pattern2.txt"

Though it won't be as efficient as it uses two passes to find the lines.

You could use sed which would do it in one pass:

sed '/pattern1/I!d;/pattern2/I!d/' file.txt
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just change your command to :

awk 'tolower($0)~/pattern1/ && tolower($0)~/pattern2/' your_file

alternatively ,you can use perl:

perl -lne 'print if(/pattern1/i and /pattern2/i)' your_file
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awk '/pattern1/ && /pattern2/i' file.txt will ignore the pattern /pattern2/

if you want to ignore the case totally add IGNORECASE = 1.


awk 'BEGIN {IGNORECASE = 1} /pattern1/ && /pattern2/' file.txt

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