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Is there any way to customize NSMenu appearances, for example, its transparency, background color or foreground color using public API"S (like Apple's Dock right click Menu) ??

After lots of search i have found some code where they are using private API's for making the menu dark !!!

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I think you'll have better luck if you just use a custom view which you code to look however you want and to behave like a menu. Apple provides a sample project, CustomMenus, which illustrates that technique. It's a companion to one of the WWDC 2010 session videos, Session 145, "Key Event Handling in Cocoa Applications".

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Ya that is true. But if i'm using custom view, then i have to manually handle all the validation of menuItems (i.e view enabling/disabling) + submenu handling + tracking area and all those stuffs. If no other alternative is there,then i have to go with this approach only !!! –  arun.s Mar 13 '13 at 8:37

Not sure if you decided to go with the solution of drawing the views yourself, but there is a private API that can be used to do this:

    MenuRef m = [[menu _menuImpl] _principalMenuRef];
    if (m) {
        char on = 1;
        SetMenuItemProperty(m, 0, 'dock', 'dark', 1, &on);

There's a Github project that implements this that works basically as a drop-in category on NSMenu and allows darkening with a single property.

This is definitely a bad idea™ since it uses private APIs that may or may not break with future OS updates, but it seems to be the way the dock menu works.

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